VizMed+ is an application for medical clinics. The system eases and streamlines the day-to-day working of any clinic. Doctors can concentrate more in their practice rather than getting bothered by appointments, patient records /history, finance etc. This ensures a much more professional relationship with patients and overall customer satisfaction.


The process starts with creation of events. Example 22-Aug-2019 we create an event from 09:00hrs to 13:00hrs. This event can be mapped to one or more doctor(s) of the clinic. This signifies that the mapped doctor(s) will be taking appointments between 09:00 to 13:00hrs. Next we have a list of patient complains and each complain based on gender and age is allocated some approximate time. As the patient opts to take an appointment they follow the following sequence. The patient first selects the clinic, selects the appointment date, selects a listed complain, and then selects a doctor. The system automatically displays a list of appointment slots to choose from. The patient has to select an appointment slot and save for booking an appointment. There are reminder by automated SMS and Email of appointments to the patients. At the time of appointment the doctor can view the treatment history of the patient. The doctor can also view all test reports if any. The doctor then starts the treatment or the procedures to be done on the patient and saves it to the patient’s history. A direct link is provided for printing the prescription then and there.

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